For church staff and young leaders.
Regardless of title or position, every church leader experiences lids to their leadership capacity. As our churches grow, so must our leadership. In these mid-week, online coaching groups, Brandon Stewart and a team of coaches instruct, coach, and encourage small groups of church staff and team members.

Coaching Groups basics:
  • Groups are made up of 8-12 ministry peers, along with with 2-3 coaches.
  • Coaching Groups meet for 6 sessions in a 12 week period. Each meeting is approximately 90 minutes.
  • Groups follow a set curriculum, while allowing for variances in topics based on group needs or interest.
  • Group members have access to a coach throughout their coaching group experience for personal mentoring.
Coaching Groups run in three quarters throughout the year: Winter/Spring (February - April), Summer (late June - early September), and Fall (late September - early December).
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on-site culture assessments

For Lead Pastors
Do you ever wonder what experience guests are really having at your church? Every church and team has blind-spots. Thankfully, outside eyes have 20/20 vision. So much more than "secret shopping," on-site church assessments with Leading Second include the following:
  • Initial interview with Lead Pastors
  • Interviews with key team members and decision makers
  • Observation of church services (speaking or observing)
  • Debrief with Lead Pastors to discuss findings
  • Leading Second team training or volunteer rally (optional)
  • Ministry during weekend church services (optional)
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one-on-one coaching

For Lead Pastors and their team members
If Leading Second is a leadership gym, consider this your personal training. Personalized, one-on-one coaching is one of the most effective tools to break personal capacity barriers and move head in your leadership.

On-site or remote coaching needs can often include:
  • Personality and strengths assessment of team members
  • Team structure and reorganization
  • Executive coaching for Lead Pastors
  • Individual coaching for team members
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we fiercely love the local church. how can we serve you?

To discuss your unique needs and interest, contact us and let's dream together for your church.
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why does leading second
matter for you?

We live to see churches move forward. That's what we've given our lives for. And too many pastors feel stuck. Church staff often live and work far below their potential. Toung leaders bump their heads navigating the early seasons of ministry.

We want to help.
Leading Second is something every church needs. This ministry helped our team become owners of the vision and helped our volunteers realize their leadership potential… even from the second chair.
Justin Enoch
Lead PastoR
Warehouse Church - Parkersburg, WV
From our view, the greatest barrier to growth and health in the local church is leadership development. Leading Second exists to equip local churches and their leaders, because we believe the local church is the greatest force on planet earth.
Jon Hatto
Girly Gordy
Toni Arauza

Join our community online! the leading Second forum is here to challenge and equip you.

This group exists to engage a community of uncommon church builders. If you’re on the team at your church in any capacity (paid or volunteer), welcome to your new tribe.
This is a place to bring your best — the best questions you’re wrestling with currently, your best encouragement to someone else, and your best spirit toward your church and your pastor.
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