L2 *BONUS Episode // Brandon Stewart on the Test Of Time

Life often comes to us in the form of tests, and tests always proceed promotion. Before we move to the next season God has for us, we must past the test this season has for us. In this message, I share on a vital test - The Test of Time. There are many parts to our spiritual walk and sometimes we run into areas and seasons that could potentially derail us. I believe this message will give you perspective for how God uses the seasons of our lives to shape and form us.

This season we really wanted our listeners to get to hear my heart and to be able to see me a bit more up close and personal. In this episode, you will get to hear me speak as I present a message to one of the churches in our Leading Second community.

In this episode I talk about:
-That time during our struggles and how to keep from derailing.
-The gap between God making a promise and seeing the promise fulfilled often can feel like you are waiting and waiting.
-What I call “the middle” as I speak directly to the mess that lives in the middle of our struggles and the importance of the time we spend in it.

Our hope with this episode is that you walk away feeling like you aren’t alone in your battles. We hope you feel encouraged by your trials and we hope that you learn how to navigate that messy middle. The Leading Second community is here for those seasons and the questions that arise.

We’re with you heart and soul. Let’s run strong for the Kingdom together.


Show Credits:
Host and Creator: Brandon Stewart
Producer: Clarke Burton
Content: Crystal Creglow
Communications: Toni Arauza




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