Live From Team Church Day 1: Life as a Campus Pastor (Dan Lord, Bryce Birmingham, Kyle Heinecke)

LIVE from Team Church Conference, this is the Leading Second Podcast. If you were unable to attend and want to join us for a LIVE online experience, please visit:

Juggling leading from the second chair isn’t always easy, something might hit the ground, but how do we choose what we let drop? In this special episode, we are joined LIVE by Pastors Dan Lord (The Life Church, Memphis, TN), Bryce Birmingham (Home Church, Calgary, Canada), and Kyle Heinecke (Fresh Life Church, Portland, OR) for a discussion on their perspective as Campus and Executive Pastors on what it’s like to lead in the second chair. It is easy when we’re not the “one in charge” to make small the calling on our lives that God has made big, but there is so much honor in leading from the second chair.


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