Authority vs Submission: Podcast Discussion Questions

As we dive in and discuss the tension of Authority vs Submission this month, we don't want the conversation to stop with us. We've created these questions to be a guide for you and your team to grow together. We hope that you will be open, honest, and will find strength leading in the tensions.

(You can listen to the episode here or watch it here)

Can you point to a few times when you’ve found yourself in the tension of authority vs. submission?

Do you feel that you are handling this tension well? 

Where are you getting it right? And where are you getting it wrong? 

How could you give this situation to God and allow him to work in you, as well as work in your situation?

What do you want to remember for the next time you find yourself facing this tension? Find a verse in the Bible that you can stand on.

(For example, you could memorize part of the story we shared from Luke 7 about the Roman centurion.)


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